Advantages of Daigin UV Water Transfer Technology

Daigin UV water transfer technology uniquely owns the following advantages:

1. Environmental friendly -- Daigin UV water transfer product carrying UV ink via PVA film, which is water-soluble and could be biodegradable as CO2 and water.  The UV ink and activators are environmentally friendly.  No solvent or heavy metal ingredient is used.

2. Energy saving -- Daigin UV water transfer technology uses UV curing, which simplifies manufacturing process, as compared with traditional coating technology with paint, which often involves long baking process at high temperature.  

3. Efficiency -- Daigin UV water transfer technology solidifies thru UV to acquire hardness, this makes the process much time-saving  and to expedite the production、packaging and delivery timing-wise. 

4.Daigin UV water transfer technology offers two different grades of product:  Aqualux and Shui-Yen-Cai.  Each grade, with its own unique surface decoration characteristics, satisfies a unique customer segment.